Vol 3, Issue 2 : Burma Cyclone Nargis and Referendum lies

Volume 3, Issue 2


They did nothing!

The trail of destruction Cyclone Nargis left in its wake, also exposed Burma’s military dictators as inept, cruel and malicious with a total disregard for the welfare of the Burmese people.

It is estimated as many as 2.4 million Burmese were severely affected by the cyclone, yet the military strongmen stood by and watched the people suffer.

To the regime’s eternal shame, they not only did nothing to help, but went to extreme lengths to block international aid workers and supplies getting to the people in need.

While the generals toyed with the UN, Burmese people died.

Bodies decomposed where they lay.

It was obvious the military regime had no plans, strategies or the will to deal with the natural disaster.

It’s now two months since the cyclone hit Burma and the situation is not much better.

The dead are visible, left to rot in fields and waterways.

People rely on getting relief from monks and ordinary citizens.

People in Burma know from bitter experience the regime is useless and impervious to the needs of the people.

Ironically, when the regime realized there were huge amounts of money to be donated, they hastily prepared a detailed budget, even down to the number of chickens and the eggs.

Men, women, children helplessly thrashed around while millions of dollars of aid was stacked in neighbouring countries and on US and French ships.

Yet, in spite of the overwhelming evidence that Burmese people were dying in their tens of thousand the international community stood back and honored the regime’s restrictions. Even to the point of exchanging UN aid dollars at exorbitant rates. Again the UN did as the military dictators ordered.

For all the “positive media spin” they gave to their response to the cyclone, the UN, INGOs and their governments failed the Burmese people in their hour of need.

The generals did nothing, but rob the Burmese people, they are still in charge going about their business as usual – torturing, using forced labor, landmining and displacing villagers.


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